Thursday, May 16, 2019 Bellecourt Place/Manor in Belleville, Illinois


Are You Born to Serve? Looking for Training Resources?

Attention all Illinois non-profit staff, volunteers, board members, AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, churches, social and civic service organizations, non-profit studies majors, and community servants: Please join us for a 25+ year community collaboration! The goal of the Southern Illinois Volunteerism Conference is to provide training and support to those who devote their time and energy to volunteering in their community. We bring quality training to your backyard to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.  Complete your Registration and purchase your Tickets today!

2019 Keynote Speaker:
Loretta Graham, CEO
Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois

“Together we can help girls imagine what they can do, and help them develop the skills to make their dreams a reality.”
-Loretta Graham

SIVC 2019 Attendance Sponsorships:
Nominate a worthwhile individual or organization to receive an attendance sponsorship. Nomination Form can be found at the bottom of registration! Interested in becoming a sponsor of Scholarships or supporter of  SIVC?   Contact us today!

2019 Supporters Include:
Serve Illinois
Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois
Belleville Senior Corps
Belleville AmeriCorps
Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps
One Hope United Foster Grandparents
Tapestry of Community Offerings